Even the best teams can fail without honest communication.

Small problems can cost you big time and big money. ProjectPoll helps you uncover lurking issues by sending weekly, anonymous surveys to your project teams.
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Why use ProjectPoll?

Standups and burndown charts can only tell you so much. You need to understand the true health of your project and your team.

Get honest feedback

Unfiltered feedback is hard to come by. With anonymous surveys, you'll learn what your team and clients really think, and what they're concerned about.

Find problems fast

Foundational issues won't be caught at standup. ProjectPoll gives your teams and clients an easy place to air vague concerns, so you can address them before they become concrete problems.

Track trends

One-time surveys won't tell you much, and you're too busy to send them manually every week. We'll handle sending the surveys, and track the responses over time so you can see whether things are trending up (or down).

No wasted time

You and your teams have plenty to do. We won't add extra process: ProjectPoll is simple to set up, and the weekly survey emails are easy to answer.



Assign roles to send different question sets to Clients vs. Developers. Drill down in the data to see which teams are struggling.

Catch small problems before they cost you big time and money.

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Built to help every role in your company.

Project Managers

Go deeper than immediate status reports at standup. Uncover team confidence issues, big-picture concerns, and lack of clarity, before things blow up.


Take an unfiltered look at all the projects in your company, through the eyes of the team. Are your teams confident and engaged, or uncertain and uneasy?


Ask your clients the same questions you send the team — find out quickly if they're unclear on progress, or uncertain that requirements have been captured.

Team Members

Your team should be confident in the project purpose, requirements, and schedule. Give them an easy, stress-free way to raise even vague concerns or uncertainties.


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