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Know the true health of your project without mind-reading or intrusive meetings.

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What we do
ProjectPoll sends your team anonymous, weekly surveys,
to help you find and tackle problems you didn't even know existed 🔮.

Purpose-built for Project Managers

You're great at managing projects. You juggle tasks, scope creep, requirements, vacation schedules and budgets without blinking an eye. You're not afraid to tackle problems head on.

But what about problems you don't see? The kind that don't come up in status reports, but exist in your team's collective understanding.

ProjectPoll sends anonymous weekly surveys, that give you unprecedented insight into your teams and projects. We help you find and tackle the problems you didn't even know existed, like lack of big-picture clarity, or uncertainty about future requirements.

We uncover problems for you, so you can do
what you do best: Deliver awesome projects.

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How does it work?

We don't believe in pointless process. ProjectPoll is easy for you and your team.

  • Add your team
  • Define your questions
  • We'll send easy, anonymous, weekly survey emails to your team
  • We aggregate the responses into useful, actionable reports, so you can track trends and fix problems before it's too late
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Make your entire team more successful

If you're building software for web, mobile, or desktop, ProjectPoll is for you.

Project Managers

Go deeper than immediate status reports at standup. Uncover team confidence issues, big-picture concerns, and lack of clarity, before things blow up.


Take an unfiltered look at all the projects in your company, through the eyes of the team. Are your teams confident and engaged, or uncertain and uneasy?


Ask your clients the same questions you send the team — find out quickly if they're unclear on progress, or uncertain that requirements have been captured.

Team Members

Your team should be confident in the project purpose, requirements, and schedule. Give them an easy, stress-free way to raise even vague concerns or uncertainties.