About ProjectPoll

Hi! I'm Taylor Campbell, the founder and sole developer of ProductPoll. I live in the woods near Ashland, VA, with my amazing wife and two kids. We like to read and travel and eat and drink and cavort amongst the trees.

ProjectPoll is a labor of love for me — I've been building projects for over a decade, and have seen time and again that communication is the true variable in project success.

I believe there's space in the world for simple, purpose-built tools, created by independent businesses, powered by customer service. ProjectPoll is built to be one of those businesses — I truly want to help you succeed.

ProjectPoll is built (with great enjoyment) in Ruby on Rails, and hosted on AWS. The marketing site (this one!) is a static Jekyll-powered site, served from S3 with Cloudfront.

If you have any questions, requests, or comments for me, please contact me directly at taylor@projectpoll.co.