New feature: Roles

Taylor Campbell — Jun 20, 2019 (updated March 3)

New! Customize your surveys and results by assigning roles to questions and team members.


You can now create roles and assign them to team members and questions! This lets you do things like:

  • Only send a subset of questions to clients
  • Send different questions to PMs and developers
  • Slice the results to compare developer feedback vs. clients

This gives you the ability to drill down and find issues that may be lurking within specific groups.

It also makes individual surveys much more powerful! Before, to send different questions to different groups, you’d have to create multiple surveys. Now, you can use roles to easily split your survey questions, all within a single project.


Some notes on implementation:

  • If a question is assigned a role, it’s sent to everyone in that role.
  • If a question is not assigned a role, it’s sent to everyone.
  • If a team member has no role, they receive only questions that also have no roles.
  • Questions and team members can be in multiple roles.

Users can be assigned one more roles

Personal note

At last! I’ve been working on this Roles feature for a while now — it required a lot of refactoring, and we took a 3-week trip to California in the middle of it, so it feels like progress stalled for a bit. But now it’s merged, and I’m excited to see how you all use it!

There’s a lot of other little bugfixes in this release as well, and some design tweaks, but mostly it’s under-the-surface refactoring and a lot of unit tests :).

There are a lot of edge cases, so please let me know if you see anything amiss!

Coming next

My next priorities are:

  • Weekly emailed reports to administrators
  • Better company admin management
  • Custom survey intervals (monthly, biweekly, daily)

I’ll post again when those are released.

Any questions?

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, send me an email:


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